An Elevated State of Nature

Who said luxury lots aren't convenient?  Mountain side living without the crazy traffic.  Close to every part of Kelowna, and still outside the city.

Enjoy the quiet of the countryside in a dreamhome overlooking the entire valley.  Live above it all.

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Our latest phase of lots is online and available for sale!

If you've been awaiting the chance to purchase a mountain side lot for your dream home, now is your chance to make the investment!


An Elevated State of Nature

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Overlooking the Okanagan Valley, multi layered with large Kelowna lots, each perfectly suited to family dwelling needs.

Generous spacing and complete infrastructure makes it easy to plan out your dream home.

Each is a beautiful piece of Okanagan real estate whereby you can view the entirety of the valley straight down to the Okanagan Lake.


Great for anybody who likes to live apart from the bustle, but needs easy access at a moments notice.

Quick in and out roads for the well to do on the go.  You can live above it all, while living comfortably nestled at the base of nature.

You're close to a number of hiking trails of varying degrees, and nearby amenities such as the school, or nearby businesses are a short jaunt.

Best of all, while you're living on the mountain, you can expect some shielding from the elements thanks to the slope and the nearby trees.

Expect a quiet and convenient lifestyle in an elevated state of nature.

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