Kelowna is home to the Kirschner family and we support our home.

Be it through contribution, service or hiring services, we are an Okanagan family sharing a home with our family of Okanagan neighbors.

Here document a few of the many noteworthy relationships we have or have had.

Many of the photos upon this site were snapped by the ever so talented Kasey Howery.

Scenic landscapes, portraits and much more, we cordially thank and support Kasey's work with Kirschner Mountain.

You can see her catalogue of work for us at

Click here for Kasey Howards Photography Facebook page

Kelowna Actors Studio

The Kirschner family has proudly sponsored the Kelowna Actors Studio.

Featuring some of Kelownas finest talent, we have shared our passion for theatre with all of the Okanagan through sponsorship of shows by this wonderful company.

Check out their latest productions on their website here.

Shaw Media

They have helped us in creating an internet window to our gorgeous views using modern IP camera technology.

Now everyone can get a year round glimpse of what Kirschner Mountain has to offer as an elevated state of living.

Take a look at fantastic real estate views here.

AM 1150

Producing a fabulous radio advertisement and airing it regularly, these folks have been wonderful in getting our name out and about.

Thanks ever so much!


Kirschner Mountain has been the proud host of several PNE prize homes!

Kirschner Mountain and the PNE have been partners in awarding several lucky families with one of the grandest prizes in Canadian history and the chance to live above it all, in the sunny Okanagan Valley, upon Kirschner Mountain itself!

The revenues generated by this lottery are used to help out a wide variety of programs including cultural, athletic and community programs for children and adults alike!

A home is obviously no small ticket item to win but the PNE prize home is not your average home. As a Prize Home it is a luxurious exploration of the technological and ecological aspects that define modern homes. Professionally designed, built, furnished and decorated, featuring all the possible elements to ensure that the PNE Prize Home stands apart from the constructions of yester-year.

This incredible accomplishment of modern home building excellence is only made possible by the continued, annual support and supply donations offered by the countless (over fifty separate) professional sources of home building labour and materials. Kirschner Mountain thanks those who were involved in the construction of 2009's Prize Home. It is a marvel to behold and we recommend that anybody who hasn't had a chance, review the photos and virtual tours now online at the PNE's 2010 website. It truly is a remarkable accomplishment.

With the extensive success experienced year after year, the Pacific National Exhibition remains stalwart as both a celebration of Canadian history, and a venue through which new and exciting pieces of Canadian culture can be explored! As a crown jewel upon our landscape, we are proud to once again to play host to the Pacific National Exhibitions prestigious prize, the PNE Prize Home.

The Longhaul is Kelownas first charity adventure race.  

We are raising money to help support Crossroads Addiction Services Society.

Teams worked together to overcome obstacles, and to support others in our community who need OUR help to overcome their own life obstacles.

Acting on behalf of the residents of the Black Mountain / Belgo region.

Carrying their voice in matters of civil management.

Click here for their website at

The Good News Bears

Kirschner Mountain is proud to show support of the Good News Bears!

Since 1989, from the first hand crafted donation, the Good News Bears have raised over $3.4 million dollars towards those Okanagan residents in need of some holiday cheer. Throughout the Okanagan, Similkameen and Shuswap regions, the Good News Bears have raised annual money to assist a broad range of people, such as pensioners on fixed incomes, workers who have been laid off, single parents, and the working poor.

The Good news Bears have raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and make a tour during the holidays allowing the people to view the beautifully crafted donations. The event is covered by our local television station, CHBC and the bears are donated by a wide variety of individuals, organizations, unions, the RCMP, and the fire departments!

Kirschner Mountain believes in and supports the SASFY society and their work towards the Okanagan Youth,

As a registered non profit organization, the SASFY society creates opportunities for youths in educational and artistic pursuits.

As a registered charity, the SASFY Society relies on public support to operate their many fantastic programs which involve local and special out of town professional guests such as artists, performers, teachers and workshop presenters that help with all sorts of interests that young people may exhibit.

Such examples include wood working, singing, animation, instruments, culinary arts, dance, theatre and photography to name just a few!

To any child or parent, the SASFY Society is a wonderous source of exploratory direction through which a child can be exposed to a variety of fabulous experiences.

If you haven't had the opportunity to learn about the Summer Arts Scene for Youth Society, you can click here to see their website at http://sasfy.c

The Urban Development Institute is a non profit organization that considers itself a partner in community building.  They are a network of over 600 varied development related professionals working together to build better.

We are involved as a member of the UDI, and Kirschner Mountain benefits from this network of contacts and information as the mountain flourishes.

The UDI Website

As a proud member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, Kirschner Mountain socializes and works with a network of Okanagan business owners, developers, and residents who are all involved in the community.

We are proud to be members of the KCoC and look forward to the what the future holds as part of this community.