The Mountain

About the Mountain

Those brought up in Kelowna may know it,  some of us having walked the winding trail at the base while others have explored its many sides from top to bottom.

Most have only a vague idea of its curvy profile and amazing depth.  For those not from around here, Kirschner Mountain is up Highway 33, past Garner Pond, taking a right at the Loseth traffic light.

As you proceed up that stretch of road towards the project, you get to witness the slowly revealed and spectacular view that is the Kirschner Mountain vista.

You'll be excused in thinking that this is a resort.

With beautiful infrastructure, and generous plots, Kirschner Mountain real estate is a well planned and developed project over a decade in the making.  With multiple phases, and several gorgeous neighborhoods, we have been host to multiple PNE prize homes, each of which is a marvel unto itself.

Those fortunate to live in this Kelowna community can attest that true mountain living as offered at Kirschner Mountain, is an elevated state of living.

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Above and apart from Kelowna, Kirschner Mountain residents are only minutes to Orchard Park Shopping centre, about twenty minutes to downtown and the lake; ten minutes to the airport and university, and less than five from schools, medical clinics, grocery stores and the like.

However, while the mountain is very much a part of the city, the fact is that once you head up the mountain, you are entering a quiet country life that has to be experienced to be believed.

Beyond the mountain, Big White village is just 45 minutes away, and Silver Star is a few minutes further.

The region has over 30 golf courses, with the closest golf courses just minutes away.

Vineyards and orchards border the mountain and dot the landscape, along with creeks, rivers and several regional parks including Scenic Canyon, or Myra Canyon.

Kirschner Mountain offers grand scale of living and lifestyle, anyway you measure it.

Kirschner Mountain's city side is wonderful for its close proximity to it all amenities while you reside in the quietude of the countryside.

That country living is very real when you're out of doors, as the mountain is also home to owls, chipmunks, roving quail and pheasant, deer, falcons as well as regularly visiting eagles and hawks.

The family has even seen the odd moose walking through, heading where ever a moose might be going.

Life in the countryside means peace, quiet and wildlife, but it also means rural neighbours down the way!

Fresh produce such as fresh grown cherries, peaches, honey or other farm fresh products such as eggs and even meats can all be found nearby.

Here in Kelowna, life is rich year round.