These architectural design guidelines have been written for the homeowners, architects, designers and builders of the residential buildings within the Kirschner Mountain development.  These guidelines encourage and direct the participants to respect and take inspiration from the natural setting and distinguishing characteristics of the mountain.

Ideally located within the City of Kelowna, Kirschner Mountain features rolling landscape, a mature woodland setting and panoramic views of the city, water and country landscape.  The residential community will be crafted to exist in harmony with the natural environment.  Each residence will incorporate and/or compliment the inherent colours, landforms and textures of the mountain thereby enhancing the quality and cohesiveness of the entire Kirschner Mountain development community.

These guidelines provide a framework for both the design and quality of the individual home and surrounding landscape.  Approval to build a residential component of the Kirschner Mountain community will be contingent upon successfully adhering to the expectations and requirements set out in these guidelines.  Residential design is not limited to the text and illustrations within this manual.   Design creativity and diversity within a range of styles is encouraged to the extent that the residential building appears part of a cohesive community that exists in harmony with its surrounding environment.