A design review submission consists of the following
  • Completed design review form
  • Finalized site plan with the information listed on the application form
  • Floor plans of all levels including basement
  • Detailed elevations of all four sides
  • Materials and Colours List
  • Landscaping plan
  • Confirmation of combined Construction and Landscape compliance deposit
  • Design review fee

Architectural approvals will be done on a committee basis, referred to as “consultant” throughout the design guideline manual.   Owners are responsible for keeping their lots and street frontage clean throughout the construction process.


One (1) 11” x 17” hard copy is to be submitted for review, along with a digital PDF copy of the entire submission package.

Hand drawings will not be accepted.

All submissions should be forwarded to:

ATTN: Bruno Les, WSP Group LTD

540 Leon Avenue

Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6J6

T: 250 469 7729 E:


Damage and Compliance Deposit

The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees to pay, at closing, a Building and Landscape Compliance Deposit in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to the developer. The Building and Landscape Compliance Deposit ensures that the dwelling and landscaping are built and finished in accordance with the plans and designs approved by the consultant and to ensure the repair of any damages to adjacent properties and / or Kirschner Mountain infrastructure cause by the development of the Purchaser’s property.

Amendments to the plans and / or designs of any kind must be approved by the consultant in advance.

In addition to design compliance to these Architectural Design Guidelines, the approvals are necessary to ensure the integrity of the design is not in conflict with neighboring structures and / or the streetscape.

The Building and Landscape Compliance Deposit will be returned to the Purchaser upon a successful final compliance inspection and consultant sign-off.

A combination of a seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750) design review fee and four hundred and fifty dollar ($450) inspections fee will be required at this time, payable to the developer.

If drawings fail to meet guidelines, additional fees may apply for each subsequent re-submission until the drawings comply with the guidelines.

Preliminary Design Review

The Purchaser or agent acting on their behalf shall submit:

  • Site Plan – to scale, indicating property lines, setbacks, no-build covenants, spot elevations showing both existing and proposed, all proposed buildings, driveway, walkways and existing vegetation.
  • Schematic Floor Plans – all levels.
  • Exterior Elevations – indicating the architectural form and character of the house, including exterior materials.
  • Colour and Material Sample Sheet – including a list of product names and specific style and colour reference (May be reserved at this time).
  • Landscape Site Plan – surface treatments, plant layout, quantities and mature sizes, all proposed buildings, fencing, retaining walls, features, driveway, walkways and slopes. (May be reserved at this time).
  • Any other information requested by the consultant ,Upon receipt of a preliminary design submission, a discussion with the consultant will be arranged to review the submission and identify any deficiencies to be addressed.

Approvals granted without the colour and material sample sheet and / or landscape site plan will be contingent on the subsequent approval of both.