Detached Garages & Shed

Detached Garages

Detached secondary garages or shops will only be allowed on corner lots with street access to the building and as governed by the City of Kelowna bylaws.

Any detached garage shall be designed and sited to be clearly secondary to the principle dwelling.  Detached garage must appear to be “built-in” to the land thus no detached garage floor will be on grade with the street it fronts.  The garage must be oriented so that garage door is perpendicular to the street.   Only one garage door is permitted and may be no wider than ten (10) feet.  

Finish materials and architectural detailing  of the detached garage must be also be consistent with those of the main dwelling... including three (3) distinctive craftsman features.   Stone or brick (same as the principle dwelling) must also make up a minimum of 10% of the detached garage entry facade.  

Landscape screening must be placed between the street and the detached garage.  Screening must be a minimum of three (3) feet high at the time of planting.  Consultant may approve solid fencing with landscape screening.  If this is the case, fencing will be no higher than four (4) feet and painted to match the principle dwelling.  It is encouraged to screen as much as possible between the street and the driveway of the detached garage.

The driveway to the detached garage must be paved to match the main driveway of the principle dwelling, and meet all drainage requirements.  


Sheds are allowed provided they are framed and finished to match the color and style of the house.

Any shed is to be no larger than 12’-0” X 14’-0” unless otherwise approved by the consultant.   

If the structure is placed in the rear yard that is adjacent to a street or lane that serves as the front street for another house, the shed must also have a minimum of 10% brick or stone to match the main dwelling.  This material should be applied on the shed elevation facing the street.  Backyards that are significantly higher than the back street or lane elevation may be exempt from this (to be determined by consultant).

No Rubbermaid or any other pre-fabricated sheds will be allowed unless completely screened from adjacent streets and neighbouring yards, and approved by consultant.  Non-compliance with shed guidelines will result in removal of shed at owner’s expense