Grading & Drainage

Grading & Drainage

A two percent (2%) grade change from garage floor to the curb is required.  Negative sloped driveways are not permitted unless approved by the consultant.

Except for those areas within the building and garage envelopes, no extensive re-grading of any building lot shall be permitted without prior written approval of the consultant.   All grading must be in accordance with the storm water plan for the community.  On sloped sites, it is preferable to  terrace any decks, patios and courtyards to  work with the existing slope.  Submitted site plans must indicate existing and finished grade.  

Roof drainage will connect to storm drain system.


Retaining Walls

All landscape retaining structures must be approved by the consultant and are at the discretion of the property owner.  Retaining structures must be built pursuant to the bylaws of the City of Kelowna.

Acceptable materials for retaining wall are stacked rock, natural brick, along with finished and coloured landscape concrete block.  Pattern stamped concrete may be allowed with consultant approval.  Unfinished concrete is not permitted.