Screening & Fencing

Recreational Vehicles

All oversized vehicles, recreational vehicles, travel trailers and boats must be parked on the side of the house and behind the front face of the house.  No exceptions are permitted.  Screening must be provided between the parked vehicle and the adjacent lot.  Screening must be a minimum of four (4) feet at time of installation if landscaped or six (6) feet if fencing.  Only solid fencing is permitted.  Screening specific fencing must be appropriately maintained at all times on both sides of the fence at owner’s expense unless otherwise agreed upon by adjacent lot owner.

It is preferable that any corner lot that will house any of the above objects will situate those objects on the non-corner side of the house.  If this is not feasible, then any corner lot that will house any of the above objects on the corner side will require either a fence and landscape screen or extensive landscaping on the corner of the lot, as approved by consultant.

Dog Houses

Any dog houses and/or dog runs on the side of the lot shall be screened from the adjacent lot and the fronting street in the same manner as above as to not be visible from the street or the adjacent lot.  No fencing of the side yards is permitted to extend forward of the front of the house.  Any fencing in non-compliance will be removed at owner’s expense.  If dog house/dog run is located in a rear yard that is adjacent to a street or lane then it must be screened the same way.

Utility Metres

Fortis BC requires (page 8 section 1.13.1) that the meter, meter base and conduit must remain exposed and in plain sight throughout the duration of the service.  No permanent or removable structure should “hide” any part of the above objects.  The meter base and conduit can be painted to match the house.  Utility meters are to be indicated on site map.

Garbage & Recycling

All bins must be contained within the garage unless screened within an enclosed and vented space.  This screening must be a part of the side or rear elevation of the house and must be finished to match or compliment the exterior of the house.

Non-screen specific fencing

Fencing along the side and rear yards that is not required for screening will be used with restraint.  

Black vinyl chain-link fencing at four (4) feet in height is acceptable for any fencing that is not put in place for required screening.  This fencing must have concrete set posts. If facing the front street, or along the sides of adjacent properties, the chain link must be used in conjunction with landscape greenery that is a minimum of three (3) feet at the time of planting.  If used at the back of the property, then landscaping is only required if the said property is facing the front of a neighbouring property at a similar grade (to be determined by consultant).  Any fencing over four (4) feet in height must be approved by consultant.