Choose your own Builder!

Kirschner Mountain's lots are open for any builder to construct a home upon. We encourage you to have a great relationship with your builder because when it comes to an investment we want to know everybody is well taken care of.

We have a selection of builders we have known to construct fabulous homes upon Kirschner Mountain and advertise them here strictly for informational purposes. Feel free to talk to them about prospective projects and get to know their strategies.

Every builder approaches the task of constructing your luxury dream home differently and we want to know that what you get in the end is exactly what you're after.

We don't endorse any builder over another, but we do want to offer those who do not have a builder, a lead on a builder we have seen do a great job with a new home constructed on Kirschner Mountain.

Spec home friendly?  We love working with builders and they love working with us.

Come on up to the mountain and talk to some of the folks up and around here.  You'll see that folks love the Kirschners and working with the family to build their investment.

Curious about getting some lot questions or developer inquiries figured?  You can give Allen Kirschner a call directly and get the answers you need fast.

We work closely with people to ensure things move easily.