The Valley

Kelowna is a thriving city amongst several thriving towns of the Okanagan.  The Central Okanagan Regional District has seen nearly twenty percent populaton growth from 2006 to 2018.

If you want a place where you can ski with a tan, Kelowna should excite your skin, just remember your sun screen.  This place we live in gets over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually (there are 8760 hours in a year) and less than a foot of rain!

In the warm season, Kelowna is well known as the hot summers destination where people enjoy a range of lakes and a massive range of sun ridden activities.

From April through September (June through August, the Okanagan appreciates an average daytime temperature of around 28C (82F) and the city shows it, with massive open licensed patios, gorgeous frontages, and classy open air dining at nearly every turn.

Our 110 km long and aptly named, Okanagan Lake, plays host to water sports of all types, and the many lakes here are the playground of yacht owners, speed boater, jet skiers or otherwise water lovers.

With the range of lakes and respective beach fronts sprinkled throughout the valley, those living in the Valley enjoy an incredible lifestyle.

When the snow comes through, the Valley is still hot with activity!

Our winters range from mild to moderate, and with the elevation differences, our many ski resorts enjoy plenty of snow while our residential areas stay relatively warm.  This isn't to say we don't enjoy our fair share of winter wonderland in the Valley; we have seen some incredible snowfalls in recent years that have kept families on the slopes sledding and skiing throughout the season.

Big White and Silver Star both feature family oriented events for exciting outings for you and your loved ones, otherwise, you're a short jaunt from any number of hills, if your backyard doesn't already have one.

The Okanagan Valley has a massive range of options for the discerning investor looking to build.

A home builder seeking a place to erect a spec house can't go wrong with the broad views, established infrastructure and market timing that Kirschner Mountain offers.

With more and more high grade professionals and their families moving into the area every year, and the population centres densifying further, outlying properties such as Kirschner Mountain are already highly sought by those who seek a life style apart from the noise and stress, without wanting to leave the convenience of the city a half hour drive away.

Living on the mountain allows you an easy commute in and out of home quickly via multiple routes, including a massive multi lane stretch of highway.

The Valley is a big place with lots of opportunities, but there's only one Kelowna, and we're living right above it.

The Okanagan Valley, and Kelowna specifically, is an adventure playground promoting a healthy lifestyle in a very safe place to live.

From ziplines, to animal farms, Kelowna and the outlying region have a massive range of awesome and inspiring activities and reasons to live here.

Simply an incredible place to call home.

Simply an elevated state of living.