Kirschner Mountain is nearby a plethora of world class golf courses and driving ranges. Our sporting good stores are packed with the latest and greatest in duffing gear and it's all rife in the Okanagan Valley!
Living on Kirschner Mountain means direct access to about five different golf courses all in a ten kilometer range. Just want an afternoon with the (grand)kids? There are family oriented (non-alcoholic) locales and there's always mini golf!

The Okanagan Valley takes golf pretty seriously and the modern golf enthusiast can be assured that they will have a comfortable life-stye nearby eighteen holes.

Of course the best part is that despite being a stones throw to all these golf courses, you won't take any golf balls through the living room window.

Kelowna specifically has spawned PGA players who have competed and won in world competitions!
The modern Golf market is now digitally charged as well, to allow modernized users (folks with digital doo dads) to use groupon, or groupon like services to gather and get great group rates.

Simply put, for a golf loving person, the Okanagan Valley is ready made to please for a lifetime.
Kirschner Mountain sits in the heart of it all. Come and check it out!