The Okanagan Valley's culture and affluence has bred commercial success with endless options in restaurants, and shopping centres.
Whether by the lake or overlooking the valley, perusing or dining in a world class winery, taking the family through the local feeding zoo.

Enjoy a day with your family, strolling the lake front shops on Lakeshore drive absorbing the great mix of cultures and atmosphere provides enough reason to call the Okanagan Valley home.

If you want a shaded, and air conditioned experience (it does get hot here!) you can always swing through Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Kelowna's largest indoor shopping centre!

There are plenty of open square and strip mall shopping centres located around Kelowna. Willow Park Shopping Centre is a sterling example of convenience in a great family hang out.

Coffee shop, a grocery store (with a bakery!) and several conveniences (even a pet store!) make it a perfect Rutland convenience and if there's something you're missing, maybe it's across the street in Hollywood Square!

Kelowna's market is fast paced and always experimenting, which means new businesses come and go yearly as exciting opportunities are explored.