Live next door to world class ski resorts!

Winter sports and the Okanagan are a natural mix.

Surrounded by mountainous terrain, it's like there are as many ski resorts as there are golf courses!

These world class slopes beckon snowboarders and ski buffs from across the globe, all looking for the legendary Big White, Silver Star or an unmapped adventure!

Each of the massive ski resorts located nearby Kirschner Mountain is known for a great variety of family and advanced ski runs and activities available.

Don't take our word for it, check out their websites and see for yourself!

Not into the formal ski slope thing? That's okay! The Okanagan Valley is a valley after all and you can't have a valley without lots of skiable slopes littering the area.

Whether you're taking the family to the local golf course, such as Gallaghers Canyon (where many Kelowna residents gather after a fresh snowfall), or seeking out logging trails for an adventure, the Okanagan delivers time and again to grand pleasure.

You can visit any number of local parklands to find swaths of clear slope ready for a day of family sledding, and it's all local to the area.

Mind the wildlife, and check the warnings before you head out.